Art by Alberto Salomon

To meet Alberto Salomon is to be impressed by his appearance, as his silver-grey strands give a certain flair to his Mediterranean looks.

Albertosalomo1 But that is not why we meet at his gallery in Soho (SoHo Island*, SoHo (209, 148, 25)), his art is. Before entering the gallery, six ‘free gift’ posters carry the name of ‘Gallery Maeght’, which is the Real Life gallery that is owned and run by his mother in Saint Paul de Vence, France. This gallery shows and sells paintings by artists like Kandinsky, Miró and Chagall. Each poster is illustrated and provided with a historical quote.

Inside the gallery the visitor is treated to a good overview of the works by Kandinsky and Miró and also a poem on Miró (Miró Mirror) is to be enjoyed. If you visit Alberto’s gallery, don’t forget to take a look upstairs as well, it is really worth the effort.

The best should come last and Alberto knows that. In the back of the gallery is a small room. One wall in this room is all the way filled with drawings of fish, shells and also sculptured shells, really realistic in colored pencil and watercolors.

Albertosalomongallery While Alberto shows me his first album with sea drawings he tells me his story of how the artist in him woke up. Being a physicist and working as such, it had never been into his mind to explore his talent in arts. By now 11 years ago he travelled to the Seychellen to spend a vacation of two weeks. Only just after arrival it turned out that his luggage had ‘travelled’ to Paris instead. So for two weeks his only possessions were the clothes he wore and a pencil and an empty album. That’s where it all started. He started drawing everything he saw and added stories to the drawings, like a diary. Beautiful, tropical fish, shells, corals… anything. He called it “Aldebra” (1997). Inspired by the discovery of his talent, this book had a follow up seven years later, with the title “Irian Jaya” (2004). Both books are still to be purchased (Real Life) in Alberto’s SoHo gallery.

Miromirrorpoem At the moment, Alberto is working on a new book. This book is about the animals that are shown in the Egyptian Museum in Turin (Torino). The text will be in Italian first, but Alberto is working on a English version as well. This book should be ready about May this year. If it will ever be available in shops, still depends on finding a publisher.


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