Babel Tower, Gutenberg Library Project

Finally we meet. I must say ‘finally’ as Ange Zanetti is a very busy man and even more a very brilliant script writer. With twinklings in his eyes, he tells me all about the huge tower, that is surrounded by all characters in alphabetical order. The tower reminds a lot of the legendary Tower of Babel.

Angeandcoulautmenges Ange Zanetti: So one of the three versions of Project Gutenberg Library is here, but actually only this one is completly done. This is the Babel Tower. I don’t know the exact number of books that are in this one, to be honest, but something like 10,000 at least and in six languages till now. But the plan is to have 18 languages. At the moment you can choose between French, Spanish, English, German, Dutch and Finnish. The script can do it allready, we just have to modify the language selector.

All books in this library here link to the library in Project Gutenberg and with this new release, you’ll have your browser directly into Second Life, so it is really user friendly. This way the user will get an integral copy of the book on pdf-format, directly from the Gutemburg Library.
Ofcourse these are books that don’t carry copyrights anymore.

Babeltower MD: I think it can be revolutionary as everyone can read all books, no restrictions from any government, no censorship. Was that your intention?
Ange Zanetti: Anyway that’s a good way to expand free culture yes! Hugo (Hugobiwan Zolnir) and I are thinking about a way to download the books directly on cell phones. There are allready cell phones with a storage of 1 gigabite, so it could be done. Well, thats all geek stuff but that’s the future.

MD: How is this project organised in Real Life, I mean in the Real Life library where these texts come from? Or isn’t there any actually?
Ange Zanetti: There is no Real Life physical structure of Project Gutenberg, only a web site: This webside and database run only on volunteers and donations of users. It is an no-profit organisation.


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