Digital perspective in Bibliotheque Francophone

The original post is to be found on and is written in French by Hugobiwan Zolnir.

The francophone library in Second Life presents, in partnership with the group “Pierre Bourdieu, a special tribute”

Poster for .Perspectives Numerales A lecture by Olivier AUBER

Tuesday, April 15 2008/Tuesday April 15

21:15 french time/12: 15 pm SLT

Olivier Auber is an artist, independent researcher and entrepreneur (co-founder of Cultural Laboratory A + H and Navidis). He brings over the past two decades a theoretical and experimental work on the behaviour of the collective subject to reflexive process. All of his facilities, projects and inventions fall in the category of philosophical transposed “mirror” in the digital world. He constructed during this time the beginnings of a theory known as “digital perspective,” now resumed and developed in sociology and philosophy, one of whose virtues is to show the “image” anoptique now generated by the devices in a network. (Source

“Olivier Auber offers not one but three perspectives on the city complex and familiar. His hypothesis is that we would play a major invention, the digital perspective, similar to the spatial perspective, which marked the transition from hierarchical World from the Middle Ages to the man, géométrisé, Renaissance; similar to the time perspective born two centuries ago with the invention of the telegraph, which currently dominates. ”
Source: accounts of the program from 2.0 Cities FING, publisher internetactu.

Want to know more? Come discover the theory or rather the view of this amazing character, which connects the world under the banner of Rimbaud, dresses friezes magdaléniennes augmented reality, and will give its first conference in Second Life: let us be there for you!

P.S. With Olivier considering, but there also many laughs. Come and many 😉

Biblio – Ebeoplex Island

The lecture will be French spoken


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  1. Great translation, Mallory !
    Thank you a lot for this post !

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