Pierre Musso: Philosopher of Saint-Simon

Poster for Pierre Musso lectureA lecture by Pierre MUSSO
Friday, April 25 2008/Tuesday April 25
21:15 french time/12: 15 pm SLT
Biblio – Ebeoplex Island

Pierre Musso (1950 -) is a professor of Information Sciences and Communication at the University of Rennes II, and a senior research associate at the Center for Research and Studies on the political and administrative decision (CRÉDAP, University of Paris I ). Philosopher training who holds a doctoral thesis State in political science, devoted to telecommunications, regulatory networks and St. Simon (source Wikipedia).

Author of more than 20 books, and chairman of prospective national Cyberterritoires “Pierre Musso was signed” Saint-simon and saint-simonisme “(What do I know, PUF 1999),” The vocabulary of St. Simon “(Ellipses, 2005),” The Saint-Simonians, Europe and the Mediterranean “,” Religion in the industrial world: Analysis of the ideas of Saint-Simon, ” New Christianity: Dialogues between a conservative and an innovator” by Claude-Henri de Saint-Simon and Pierre Musso.

An unique lecture to discover the thoughts of Saint-Simon and it’s relevance in the contemporary context, with the best specialist.

Thanks to Pierre for having accepted the challenge: it will be his first immersion in Second Life!
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The original post is to be found on sldirect.blogspot.com and is written in French by Hugobiwan Zolnir.


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