French speaking Proust lovers are asked

Since 1993 Véronique Aubouy is working on a lifetime project about the most important work of Marcel Proust: “À la recherche du temps perdu”. The project concerns to film all of the work being read by people in front of a camera.

To give an impression of the volumes, here are a few figures:

Duration so far: 77 hours
Estimated duration of the work when it will be finished: 150 to 200 hours
Hours of work so far: 15 years
Hours of work estimated at approximately 1993 to 2050
Number of readers so far: 789
Estimated number of readers: 1500 to 2000

The filming of readers has already taken place in different performances and in many events and places such as: Belluard-Bollwerk Festival (2001), the Biennial of Contemporary Art Lyon (2001), the Biennale of Contemporary Art Sélest’Art (2003), a space here Khiasma with the Foundation Guerlain (2004, 2008), the Villa Medicis in Rome (2007), and the International Film Festival La Rochelle (2008 ).

She has started to co-operate aswell with the digital adventuress Agnes of Cayeux (aka Jel Olaria, collective x-network) around the “Kiss of the Matrix“, with the Theatre de la Villette.
The project is a web-surfers shooting involving 3,000 volunteers to read each a short part of the work of Proust in front of their webcam. This shooting will take place on 27 September 2008, as part of an event by the Theatre de la Villette in Paris

The Bibliothèque francophone in Second Life and Metavers is proud to invite you to meet these two personalities on Thursday 4 September 21.15.(Paris time)

In addition, the Bibliothèque Francophone is requesting 30 volunteer avatars to perform a live reading of Proust (in French) on  Wednesday 8 October 2008 and collective under the kiss. To register, simply comment on  of Bibliothèque Francophone de SL and Metaverse:…

Veronique Aubouy / Agnes of Cayeux

Thursday, September 4 2008/Friday september 4
21:15 french time/12: 15 pm SLT
Bibliothèque Francophone, Fraonesque – Ebeoplex Island…

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