Saint-Gobain presents first showroom in Second Life

Sustainable development and technological innovation are, for Saint-Gobain, powerful handles for improving its operations and its results. For several years, the company initiated a pro-active policy in this area. The establishment of Saint-Gobain Glass in the virtual world of Second Life, orchestrated by experts of Stonfield InWorld, is a new step to encourage exchanges between scholars and performers of glazing residents with high environmental sensitivity.

A strong agreement to the protection of the environment in Second Life

The new showroom of St. Gobain in Second Life

The new showroom of St. Gobain in Second Life

To initiate a constructive discussion on the role of glazing in environmental protection and energy saving, Saint-Gobain Glass organizes conferences and debates between marketing and development and residents whose sensitivity and Culture Sustainable development is high. This is to present innovative solutions developed by Saint-Gobain Glass to build the ecological house of the future and talk with residents.


* explain solutions for existing glazing and present the environmental impact of the most innovative often little known to the general public.

* exchange of ideas with residents who are highly committed on the theme of environmental protection, improve their comprehension of these solutions and above all their expectations of products.

This interactive initiative has begun on September 18th, 2008 with a presentation of the implantation of Saint-Gobain Glass in Second Life and its new showroom designed and developed by the company Stonfield InWorld to present, through 3D animation, the characteristics of the most efficient glass. That evening, a lecture on “More glass, less energy” has been an opportunity to explain how the glazing enhanced thermal insulation and solar control participate in the reduction of energy consumption of buildings. The conference has also provided an opportunity for Saint-Gobain Glass to begin a fruitful discussion with residents of Second Life on future developments in glazing by Saint-Gobain Glass.

Understanding the glass … by planting trees:

To plant a tree in Second Life = to plant a tree in Real Life

Starting from September 18th, 2008, Saint-Gobain Glass has also launched a competition. Residents who will visit the showroom on “Ebeoplex” in Second Life, can go to the next floor and join the “game”. Its aim is to identify by multiple choice questions, for a house in a given environment, the glass best suited to an ecological point of view. Each winner will have the satisfaction of a tree to grow in his name in the garden adjacent to the showroom. A less virtual commitment has been made by Saint-Gobain Glass too, as it pledges to plant for each winner, a real cedar on the Mediterranean coast. The influence of Second Life in the first world … The game will stay on the upper floor of Saint-Gobain Glass until the 18th of November. (Saint Gobain Glass, Ebeoplex (23, 126, 21))

About Saint-Gobain Glass

What do you know about glass?

The glazing by Saint-Gobain has achieved a turnover of 5.6 billion euro in 2007 and employs about 39 000 people. Located in 40 countries, it is now Europe’s leading flat glass and number 2 globally.

Saint-Gobain, historically grown in glazing, includes three core businesses: the manufacture of flat glass and glass layers, processing and distribution of glass products for construction and glazing for transport. The efforts of research and development enable the Flat Glass to launch products and innovative systems and high performance in a sustainable development approach.
Saint-Gobain Glass is also very active in the field of renewable energy, particularly in the market for solar-thermal and photovoltaic.

About Stonfield InWorld

This company, originally established in Oloron Sainte-Marie (Pyrenees Atlantiques), also settled in Neuilly sur Seine and Toulouse, became in a short time a participant in the market for virtual worlds (Second Life,, OpenSim, Multiverse). It offers businesses of all sizes and all sectors, comprehensive solutions for integrating Internet and virtual worlds in their development strategy. Accredited Full Service Provider Solutions by Linden Lab, Stonfield InWorld also focused part of its efforts to research and development on sale online (e-commerce) and training (e-learning) in order to make two poles growth with high added value for its clients on the virtual world. In September 2007, Crédit Agricole entered the capital Stonfield InWorld and became the largest shareholder. Clients of the consultancy and service are companies like Réunica, the Navy, ENST Bretagne, Suez Environment, Saint Gobain Glass, IBM, Sofinco, Intersport, Bull


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  1. Thank you very much for this really kind post (and for all what you have done to support us in this project !!!)

    Thanks for the trees in Lebanon too 🙂

  2. […] : Mallory, Thank you so much for your valuable support in this project and your very kind post […]

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