Elements: White Room photo-contest

Quoting Butterfly Laa on her weblog:

This morning proud to present our first contest entry! Elements photo taken by Mallory Destiny, who has an Art Gallery of her own in Tournicoton, and a wonderful site on the net, http://mallorydestiny… Has lots of good information there!! Thank you Mallory !!! Nice Photo!!!

The White Room Contest October 2008

Theme: The four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire & Water)
Give us a picture of something you refer to the four elements in SL and win 1500L$!

SL consists of prims, textures and scripts but under the surface there is much more.

How it works:

You go to the WHITE ROOM yourself, buy one of the “WHITE ROOM PANELS” for 1L$ and paste the texture on your own panel.
Go to White Room by follow this SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Akh/47/137/24

Rules and conditions:

1) No touched up (photoshop, gimp, paint etc) pictures, send them just as they are. Windlight and other SL photosettings are allowed

2) The pics will be displayed at The White Room galleries and maybe in the blog (http://whiteroomstudios.blogspot.com)

3) The contest starts October 1st and ends last day of October.

4) The pics will be judged for its creativity and originality by our secret jury as in the past.

5) Max 1 PICTURE / contestant, but you can change your pic as many times you like. Its your own panel

6) We have the fully right to disqualified pictures that we judge as distasteful.

7) The prize cermony will be held at the re-opening party for the White Room Nov 1st.

The winner in this contest will be directly qualified for The White Room Awards 2008 which will take place on December 8 with the purse of 10.000 L$ to the winner!

We wish you the very best as before and will continue to do . Good Luck to you all !!!!!!

Jesper Prinz and Butterfly Laa
Visit the White Room in world at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Akh/52/134/23


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