Stonfield Inworld launches RIL Shopping

stonfield inworldFor nearly 2 years, the company Stonfield InWorld has invested in a comprehensive program of research and development to build a new sales channel that combines into a single format: easy access to offerings of e-commerce, proximity of commercial advice on offerings and the ability to offer financing.

With its expertise in virtual worlds, today Stonfield InWorld announces the creation of RIL SHOPPING in Second Life, in partnership with SOFINCO. The official opening of this new space will take place on 6 November with a sale of outstanding “real” products.

A new way to sell and buy online: “RIL SHOPPING does not replace local shops, the vast
distribution or e-commerce trade” says Pierre-Olivier Carles, co-founder of Stonfield InWorld.
“It adds to existing channels a new way to sell and purchase online. The brands, distributors and / or merchants regardless of their types of offers can offer their products while providing their customer service levels close to the local shops.”

To be opened on 6 November, this unique space in Second Life will allow each brand to meet the expectations of Internet users in online sales: quality products at exceptional prices, the possibility of being informed directly on each product and the offers of consumer credit.

Organized as a private sale, RIL SHOPPING differentiates itself by its ability to accompany each resident during an online purchase, for his advice and assistance but also by the possibility of offering loans for consumption thanks to the presence of SOFINCO consultants.

The presence of a sales-assistant helps to improve the processing rate from 5 to 10 depending on the type of product, RIL SHOPPING offers businesses wishing to change their sales quickly, sales-formats by private, objective and adjusted terms for 4 hours in a few days.

Needless to be an expert in computer science to facilitate a sale in RIL SHOPPING; experts are in charge of Stonfield InWorld and the full development of the virtual shop and they will also accompany the specialist who will guide visitors.

The establishment of this new virtual space by Stonfield InWorld answered the need to be totally in tune with the market. It aims to serve customers better, and offers new opportunities for businesses through a economic potential.

The desire for development and innovation has succeeded in finding an ambitious partner:
SOFINCO, a leading consumer credit establishment in Europe and the pioneer in financing for e-commerce has the strong belief that the Virtual Universe represents a true revolution in online commerce. SOFINCO teams have worked with those of Stonfield Inworld to bring the shopping experience for residents of Second Life to a level of unmatched service and quality.

About Stonfield InWorld

This company, settled in Oloron Sainte-Marie (Pyrenees Atlantiques) and also established in Neuilly sur Seine and Toulouse, became in a short time a player in the market for virtual worlds (Second Life,, OpenSim, Multiverse). It offers businesses of all sizes and all sectors, comprehensive solutions for integrating Internet and virtual worlds in their development strategy.

Accredited with Full Service Provider Solutions by Linden Lab, Stonfield InWorld also focused part of its efforts to research and development on sale online (e-commerce) and training (e-learning) to make two poles of growth with high added value for its clients on Virtual Worlds.

In September 2007, Crédit Agricole entered the capital Stonfield InWorld and became the largest shareholder. Clients of the consultancy and service are companies like Réunica, the Navy, ENST Bretagne, Suez Environment, Saint Gobain Glass, IBM, Intersport, Bull …

About Sofinco

About Sofinco: SOFINCO, a subsidiary of Credit Agricole SA is a leading consumer credit establishment in Europe with 17.6 million customers. Present in 20 countries, SOFINCO makes 60% of its turnover abroad and is experiencing a sharp increase in its activity.

Sofinco is dominant in all trades of credit to the Consumer direct sales, financing at the point of sale (Equipment Market home markets for recreational vehicles), partnerships.

Sofinco has developed partnerships with major retailers and distribution of many institutions.

To learn more: read also the blog of RIL SHOPPING: (In French)

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