RIL-shopping: First ‘Real Life’ shop in Second Life opened

Thursday 6 November 2008 – Right now I am attending the long announced and long awaited opening of RIL-shopping in Second Life TM. Many people already have come to see the shop and Linden Labs was represented by Glenn Linden, who stated that it is also a great and important step for the development of Second Life. This shop, now selling exclusive chocolate by D’lys Couleurs,  is special compared to all other shops in Second Life, because they sell real goods against real Euro, the chocolate purchased at RIL will be delivered to your door within a few days. So, not just pixel-shopping here.
po-carlesdavidcasteraAnother specialty of RIL-shopping, which is initiated by the teams of Stonefield Inworld and credit bank Sofinco and managed by P.O. Carles, Richard Malterre and David Castera ,  is that real shop assistants will be there to assist the customers. These shop assistants can help with their subscribtion, which must be done both inworld and on the website and they can also assist in the rest of the process of choosing, purchasing and paying. Just like all customers are used to in “physical life” shops.
These pioneers in retailing are now only serving France, Belgium and Luxembourg, but of course: the desire and ambition to grow and expand to more countries is very strong.
Customers are welcome on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17.00 til 21.00 CET, but extra days for sales will be announced at the shop and on the website. But only for residents who live in France, Belgium or Luxembourg purchases are open.