Transmusicales 2008

Flyer for Transmusicales 2008

Flyer for "Transmusicales 2008"

In 2007, a great concert was organized both in virtual and physical world. The physical (real life) concert that was performed in the city Rennes in the North-West of France, was at the same time broadcast in Second Life

This year, Transmusicales has higher aspirations in offering three concerts this year in a row, during which avatars can see and enjoy videoprojections live on a giant screen. There will also be “in real life” an experimental mixed reality to discover virtual worlds “without use of the keyboard and mouse” to the audience.

Beware: the access is limited to 60 seats per concert and it is recommented to make reservations on the websites: sldirect or Transmusicales 2008

Members and known supporters of the Bibliothèque Francophone are in the team of volunteers who prepare the city for concerts and transport. The contact for the project is the avatar by the name of “Clap Clip” Second Life.

Avatars Reading Proust

with the FRENCH LIBRARY  (in Second Life TM)

19:00> 21:00 CET
* in RL: room blanche
** in SL: Bibliothèque Francophone
Web-turning read Proust by the avatars of the French Library of Second Life and presentation of the library by Hugobiwan Zolnir.
With the Paris-Villette avatars Coulaut Menges and Betty Renoir.

* RL: Real Life
** SL: Second Life

19:00> 21:00 CET
Great Hall
The Kiss of the Matrix (Proust Lu on the Internet)
Spectators, you can watch the film, installed in spaces built specially for the occasion.
Readers players, webcams are available to register and participate in the film.

The Matrix is a computer program that manages real-time distribution of texts, information dissemination to capture new readers, the timeline of the film, and consulting it at any time. The ambition of this project is to create a successful company whose time is governed by the Matrix.

> Bar

Paris-Villette • Parc de la Villette
211 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris
Porte de Pantin vélib
Reservation 01 40 03 72 23
x-network is a program of the Paris-Villette, supported by the City of Paris, the Ile-de-France, DICREAM (Ministry of Culture and Communication) and the NLC as part of Read Day. With the support of the DRAC Ile-de-France workshops for “Les Enfants du Net.”

Saint-Gobain presents first showroom in Second Life

Sustainable development and technological innovation are, for Saint-Gobain, powerful handles for improving its operations and its results. For several years, the company initiated a pro-active policy in this area. The establishment of Saint-Gobain Glass in the virtual world of Second Life, orchestrated by experts of Stonfield InWorld, is a new step to encourage exchanges between scholars and performers of glazing residents with high environmental sensitivity.

A strong agreement to the protection of the environment in Second Life

The new showroom of St. Gobain in Second Life

The new showroom of St. Gobain in Second Life

To initiate a constructive discussion on the role of glazing in environmental protection and energy saving, Saint-Gobain Glass organizes conferences and debates between marketing and development and residents whose sensitivity and Culture Sustainable development is high. This is to present innovative solutions developed by Saint-Gobain Glass to build the ecological house of the future and talk with residents. Continue reading

French speaking Proust lovers are asked

Since 1993 Véronique Aubouy is working on a lifetime project about the most important work of Marcel Proust: “À la recherche du temps perdu”. The project concerns to film all of the work being read by people in front of a camera.

To give an impression of the volumes, here are a few figures:

Duration so far: 77 hours
Estimated duration of the work when it will be finished: 150 to 200 hours
Hours of work so far: 15 years
Hours of work estimated at approximately 1993 to 2050
Number of readers so far: 789
Estimated number of readers: 1500 to 2000

Continue reading

Proust: The Kiss of the Matrix

With “The Kiss of the Matrix” Véronique Aubouy proposes to more than 3000 people worldwide to read in front of their web-camera a page of “A la Recherche du temps perdu” by Marcel Proust. After this experience, all of the words have been read in french, by people of all backgrounds, what will provide a film of approximately 170 hours.

The web-shooting will take place live on the Internet from September 27, 2008 twelve o’clock GMT. It is open to all. Véronique Aubouy invites you today to register on her blog and you are free to  invite friends to build a network of “Kiss of the Matrix.”

On 8 October 2008, the Bibliothèque Francophone in Second Life will join the reading by inviting 30 avatars who will all read a part of the text in the grounds of Ebeoplex, while they have taken place on a giant mandala.

Of course, as curious as we are, Véronique Aubouy is willing to tell all who is interested about her project on Friday 4 September at the Bibliothèque Francophone.

The website, in french, of Véronique Aubouy:

Article in french on (Bibliothèque Francophone Blogspot): http://sldirect…

E-troubadours – Traverses, un livre voyageur

From Barcelona (Spain) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) Traverses, travelling book
A passage through Europe by Vincent Radix and Karen Guillorel

Karen Guillorel the director, among many other things, of the project “Traverses un livre voyageur” and a remarkable voyage from Paris to Jerusalem, undertakes this time a tour through Europe from Barcelona to Amsterdam.
Before her departure, she agreed with her travelling companion Vincent Radix to come to the Francophone library (Bibliothèque Francophone) to answer the questions which will be asked to her.

Traverses, travelling bookShe will be among us on
Thursday June 5
starting from 21h30
Bibliothèque Francophone, Ebeoplex

And you are cordially invited to join to you to us
It is possible to consult the detailed note of this voyage with the following bond:
Dossier de Presse (pdf)

Website Traverses (English, Français)

Pierre Musso: Philosopher of Saint-Simon

Poster for Pierre Musso lectureA lecture by Pierre MUSSO
Friday, April 25 2008/Tuesday April 25
21:15 french time/12: 15 pm SLT
Biblio – Ebeoplex Island

Pierre Musso (1950 -) is a professor of Information Sciences and Communication at the University of Rennes II, and a senior research associate at the Center for Research and Studies on the political and administrative decision (CRÉDAP, University of Paris I ). Philosopher training who holds a doctoral thesis State in political science, devoted to telecommunications, regulatory networks and St. Simon (source Wikipedia).

Author of more than 20 books, and chairman of prospective national Cyberterritoires “Pierre Musso was signed” Saint-simon and saint-simonisme “(What do I know, PUF 1999),” The vocabulary of St. Simon “(Ellipses, 2005),” The Saint-Simonians, Europe and the Mediterranean “,” Religion in the industrial world: Analysis of the ideas of Saint-Simon, ” New Christianity: Dialogues between a conservative and an innovator” by Claude-Henri de Saint-Simon and Pierre Musso.

An unique lecture to discover the thoughts of Saint-Simon and it’s relevance in the contemporary context, with the best specialist.

Thanks to Pierre for having accepted the challenge: it will be his first immersion in Second Life!
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