Salvador Dalí in 3D

Salvador dali in 3D

Salvador dalí in 3D

Taikogo Akina, who has been a Second Life resident since more than a year by now, is very skilled in lsl-scripting and sculpting with Blender.

Hallucinogenous Bullfighter

Hallucinogenous Bullfighter

His latest work is the famous painting “Hallucinogenous Bullfighter” of Salvador Dalí, worked out in a more than life size 3D installation. This impressive project is open to be visited at Credit Agricole, Natura (

Dali in 3D at Natura

Dali in 3D at Natura

We will be angels

At Tournicoton Art Galleries a very special exibition was opened last month (21st March 2008). Angels1_2 Who are the angels? Do they really exist. Could everyone be an angel? And what does it take to be an angel. The impression at the start, on the groundfloor is one of a ordinary photo-exposition… But things are not always what they seem to be. The poetry on the walls make the imagination run.

One day you will meet what you have sown, it will be your created flower and her petals will be the light….
Let sleep and you will meet the gold of the world under your feet….

Angels2_2 This poetry, in French, suggest that there is more between heaven and earth and invites the visitor to explore and find out. And if he will, he might even become an angel. The teleports to the second and third floors bring the visitors more ideas of how he could recognise an angel, and he will feel like getting lifted.

At this point he can either choose to follow the fluid-like stairs up in the sky, or for less-skilled flyers there is also a teleport, that brings the visitor in higher levels. Ascending the stairs, following poems, music and voices… the feeling of becoming an angel will be evident.

Angels4 Mariaka Nishi, who is the great spirit of this exibition, is always looking for ways to express what is between Second Life and Real Life, what is matrialistic and what is immatrialistic. The friction of real and unreal, possible and impossible, makes new levels visible and shows dimensions that have not been seen by ordinary human beings. One will get aware of the new dimensions while walking in this Exibition of Angels. It is not just a walk, it is an adventure throught a new level of consciousness that will give a lot to think about.

Angels5 While Mariaka gives all she can give to an exibition like this, she also gives room to other artists whose work she appreciates very much. Therefor, also the following artists made their contribution: Sacremeustache Beerbaum, Artistide Despres, Anathaniel Gausman, Domi Ahn, Coulaut Menges, Frao Ra, XaNaDu Watkin, Typote Beck and Philippe Kodekko.

I will help you to go up the ladder of light which lives in your heart and blossoms in your body.
Yes, that ladder exist in yourself, you create it, it is a cantic thing, traverse all your self…
And all degrees of creation, it’s a benediction…

Angels6Here starts the travel through the territories ascendent…
I only have a flower to offer you, it was born in my heart and it’s kingdom is in the earth and in the sky…
If you look in the water of the well, you might see it’s beautiful smiling at you in a dizzying hug.
Because her perfume was kept secret from the beginning of times.

Come and vist these new countries.
Come closer to the divine….

Let the forces go through you and irrigate the earth….
Let the chains behind…..
Come higher on the way which opens up to meet who you really are….
and allways were.

We are far away yet close at the same time….
we work together in different dimensions…
my identity is similar to a room opening on a big garden…
and here on the bottom….

Angels3 The “L’échelle de l’Ange” will stay at Tournicoton Art Gallery, Kual Hele, till June 2008. So, don’t miss this experience.

My special thanks are for Philippe Chaplin who made the first two fantastic photographs for this article and even more because he was so generous as to go all the way up with me to translate a great part of the poems. Thank you, Philippe!

Weblog of Mariaka Nishi (French):
More photo’s by Philippe Chaplin:

Daruma Picnics wonderful sculptures

Second Life is , next to many other definitions and descriptions, mainly art in itself and is about art. Graphic art in its purest form. To make the inhabitants of Second Life familiar with the more exceptional creations that are to be seen, I will explore the lands until its outskirts and serve the special things I found, here in this magazine .

Daruma3 It takes very talented and intelligent artists to create graphic art that is designed specially for Second Life. Or to say it differently: art within art. Daruma Picnic is one of the bright spirits who reinvented art for existence in Second Life. Art that is only meant for and can only exist in Second Life.

The first piece from his hand that I stumbled into by surprise, when I visited the Bibliotheque Francophone (Bibliotheque Francophone, Ebeoplex (47, 199, 124). “A cappella”, as the creation is called, looks like colored shields that are slightly transparent. The point is to walk through the shields like they were a field of corn. The result is a choir or angels like singing voices. They must be heard to be loved. And they will be loved, once they are heard.

Darumapicnic1 Triggered and excited as I felt by this remarkable artwork, I was very eager to meet the artist behind the creation and to learn more about his work. After some IM exchange, time zones are sometimes a pain, I finally met Daruma Picnic. Daruma works in an art-library in Chicago. Info island provides the location in Second Life. Daruma says: “I am part of a group “ArtsLib Group” that has agreed to curate and schedule shows at Info Island in a small parcel called Library Gallery, Info Island. Info Island has a small parcel which is used to showcase art. His avatar, that he designed himself, is as special as his work. He said about this creation: ”Yes the design is my own it is a felt tip drawing of a daruma.” A daruma is a Buddhist monk.

As soon as I entered the sim, he asked me to turn of the music, turn on the sounds and set the light to ‘midnight’. The teleport device in his beautiful garden took us to almost complete darkness. Almost, as in the black darkness turned up a group of round and colored spheres, hovering like soap bubbles. They looked like the ‘A Cappella’ that I saw in the Bibliotheque Francophone, but these were floating together and we were just in the middle of them. As soon as we moved, some beautiful music started to caress our ears and most of the elements started to move or change sizes. Remarkably and definitely brilliant.

The next spot we tele-ported to is Library Gallery, Info Island. this is the current exhibition by Adam Ramona which will be up until March 28th- this spot is I another garden and this one had a number of installations, all with the remarkable half-transparent forms and interactive. Every sculpture has a notecard-giver that supplies the visitor with instructions for and explanation about the work. The music that is used in the creations is composed by the Australian composer Adam Ramona (Adam Nash). All of these sound sculpture are interactive, meaning that your avatar triggers the sound and or movement in the pieces.

Darumapicnic2 One sculpture reminds of a clock and sounds when the spectator clicks the yellow ball on top, that drops another ball onto the wheels below it, that start to sound like a symphony from an distance planet. Another was in shape of an orange cube and gave dark male voices.

Anyone with a little piece of love for art in their hearts, should go and see,
but mostly adventure the art of Daruma Picnic.

For Librarians and people interested in Information and its potential in Second Life, please visit this url to familiarize yourself with Info Island “for artists.

Published before on 13 March 2008 in in-world magazine “Life Abroad Magazine” #1
Online also at: